Family and Childcare Center – branch in Skopje

KMOP’s branch in Skopje is a civil society organization, which has been registered as a local NGO and works autonomously, with the mandate of capitalizing on KMOP’s background and track record for the benefit of the vulnerable groups of the country. Its goal is to be actively engaged in the social welfare system of North Macedonia as much as possible and contribute to the relief of various vulnerable groups by trying to design innovative and effective solutions to some of the problems that the country currently faces, making local communities more resilient. KMOP Skopje through comprehensive analysis, sustainable project activities and its direct involvement with local communities is continuously making efforts for tackling different problems, which are arising from various systematic policy shortcomings and are affecting individuals from disadvantaged background on a daily basis. KMOP Skopje implements projects through strategic partnerships with public institutions in the country such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the (National) Institute for Social Work and the (Local) Centers for Social Work, as well as in cooperation with institutions and organizations from the private and civil society sector, especially focused in the field of social protection and inclusion.

Contact Person: Kristina Vasileska