Integenerational Activity (Croatia)

Parents’ Association “Step by step” implement the activity with parents and children on 31st of May in Lički Osik, Croatia. The activity was implemented by two employees of PA SBS in Primary school dr. Franje Tudmana Lički Osik. PA SBS have been cooperating with Primary school dr. Franje Tuđmana Lički Osik for many years, and they decided to decentralize activities a bit and strengthen parents and children in rural areas on the topic of online safety.

Two employees of PA SBS gave a brief overview of the project, its activities, results and showed to all participants official web page of the project and where they can find all relevant materials. All activities were designed so each participant can understand the purpose of it. The main focus was on healthy lifestyle and how to spent quality time with children.

The main aim of this activity was to discuss with parents and children how to spent quality time together without using any electronic devices. To highlight positive and negative effects on our health and how to achieve a balance in the use of technology in everyday life.