ME Slovenia

RIC Novo mesto organised 3 ME to share the results of the project with as many people as possible from different fields of expertise and work. A series of multiplier events we’ve called “Away from the screens, closer to the conversation.” The first one took place in the premises of the RIC Novo mesto as a professional event of the national festival of lifelong learning (Learning Parade). We invited an expert in the field of internet and internet addiction, and co-author of the guidelines for the use of screens. With this first event, we reached parents, educators, teachers, professionals in primary schools (defactologists, sociologists and psychologists), children… The second ME took place in Visoko (North-Western Slovenia) and was aimed at parents of children with special needs, personal assistants, professionals in the field and children. The third one was organised in a kindergarten in Črnomelj and was aimed mainly for parents and professionals. During the two ME, two participants of C1 training activities took their role of Role models very seriously and shared their experiences, knowledge and views and encouraging the audience to be aware of their own behaviour (use of screens) and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.