Nottingham Trent University

We are a distinct and fearless university – an institution that thinks big, celebrates expertise, and ensures equality in its opportunities. With a record of growth and evolution unmatched in UK higher education, NTU is characterised by our balance between celebrating tradition and challenging convention. We are established, but modern – bold, yet humble.


We’ve forged an award-winning reputation through one simple belief: that each person’s learning journey demands bespoke, personalised support. It’s a philosophy we invest in every one of our students and colleagues: a philosophy that calls for the conviction to inspire, the consistency to guide, and the humility to listen. These are the standards and values we live by.


We’re deeply proud of the environment we’ve established at NTU. Equally, we embrace our influence and potential beyond the classroom. We thrive upon our role in the larger global picture – our obligation to enriching communities by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities. That’s why NTU’s education and environment opens not just doors, but minds.

Contact: Dr Daria Kuss
Dr Anastasia Rousaki
Dr Andrew Harris